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The Embarcadère, Lyon - April 28th, 2018
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WP Tech is back !

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by Vincent DubroeucqNewsDec 13, 2017, 21:25

We’re honored to introduce the third WP Tech – the only French event entirely dedicated to technical WordPress development – that will take place in Lyon, April 28th, 2018. Mark your calendar !

Once a year, this is a unique opportunity to meet and share with French and international developers, agencies, startups, theme and plugin authors, WordPress hosting providers, and other web-related professionals.

What is WP Tech ?

This non-profit event’s goal has been to promote WordPress and teach the community how to use and develop for this excellent CMS.

Since 2014, WP Tech has been dedicated to teaching about more technical aspects of WordPress, as if you were taking highly detailed and relevant WordPress development courses : theme development, performance, security, SEO, and more.

Come and attend a full day of advanced talks about the most widely used CMS !

Have a look at the previous editions’ websites : and

Who’s behind the organization of this event ?

The WP Tech was first an association responsible for managing this event in Nantes and was created three years ago by Daniel Roch and Willy Bahuaud. The idea was to make this day a really enjoyable time of sharing, helping each other and having a good time together, talking about WordPress.

The team

Daniel Roch

Financial manager, communication

Daniel Roch is a consultant and teaches about WordPress SEO. He runs the SeoMix agency, which specializes in SEO and WordPress. He's the author of "Optimiser son rĂ©fĂ©rencement WordPress" (3rd Ă©dition - Eyrolles). He also spoke at different events : WordCamp, SeoCampUS, SMX, and more.

Willy Bahuaud

Lead organizer, development

I discovered WordPress in 2006. After a few years working for an agency in Nantes, I decided to build my own company, Wabeo, in which I develop custom WordPress themes and plugins for clients. I have a lot of different interests, but I could talk about WordPress and code for hours ! I regularly take an active role in Meetups, WordCamps or WP Tech,and I sometimes share ideas, techniques, tricks and thoughts on my website.

Émilie Lebrun

Local team, sponsor management and communication

I've run the WordPress agency Whodunit since 2009 and I'm COO at WP Media, a startup from Lyon known for its two plugins WP Rocket and Imagify.
Speaker at WordCamp Paris, Lyon and Nantes, member of the WordCamp Paris and Europe organizing team, writer for GeekPress, I also work hard every day to promote WordPress and its professionalization in France, through projects like Think WP.

Frederique Game

Volonteer team management and communication

I've been a designer and consultant for many years and discovered WordPress to build my own portfolio website.
I literally fell in love with it, never looked back and made it the main tool in my workflow. Little by little, design, typography and art are making their way back and I'm now able to naturally combine and use all of my different skills, working in a small agency using WordPress in Poitiers.

I lead a small group of WordPress users in Poitiers and after three talks on design and ergonomics at WordCamps (one of which in English in Genève - Yes we can !), after taking part in WordCamp Bordeaux's organization, I'm now able to join the WP Tech's dream team ! What an extraordinary experience !

Élodie Plassard

Local team and volonteer team management

Hi, my name's Elo ! I come from print design, but a new job five years ago pushed me on the WordPress bandwagon and I've been enjoying it ever since. After a few WordCamps and Meetups in Lyon, some friendly support on the French WordPress Slack team, I'm now taking part in the organization of the WP Tech 2018 and I'll take care and cheer our volunteers team !

Matthieu Bousendorfer

Design and art direction

Hello ! My name's Matt and I'm currently designer and art director at WP Media. During my career I've designed WordPress themes and sites for a number of personal or professional projects for many years. I'm passionate about the creative association of design and technology, and UX has a central place in every single project of mine.
My motto: Keep it simple, stupid.

Stéphanie Vachon

Concepts ++

Full stack WordPress developer.
I've been working for myself since 2006 and I founded the Velvet Cocoon agency in 2012 and the WordPress community in Nantes with Simon Janin.
Freelancer again in 2017, I share my time with the Seize agency and a lot of personal projects.

Eddy Boels


I was born with the first personal computers. I had yellow lights on my car, seats covered with denim. I listened to A-sides and B-sides. I studied "Sciences naturelles" and EMT (technical education) at school, I passed a high school diploma that no longer exists, and I drank Malibu. I had a Minitel, 45 rpms and a 90 km/h sticker at the back of my car.
Nowadays, when I'm not playing volleyball I run e-labo with my partner Sylvain, I organize Meetups and WordCamps in the French south east.

David Degliame


I live in Saint-Nazaire and my job is to create WordPress sites. I also maintain my own sites and I'm continually learning more about WordPress every single day.
WordPress has become my go-to tool for a lot of projects and when what its huge ecosystem offers doesn't fit my need, I create my own tools using WP-CLI or build new themes based on Genesis.

Sylvain Didier


I've worked around the web for 17 years. I first come from the design and communication industry, but I quickly shifted to building UI for sites and software. Entrepreneur at heart, I built e-labo in 2009 and spend my days between being a UI designer at ServeBox — a tech company particular about development best practices — and running my WordPress agency e-labo !

I'm constantly watching what happens in most web-related industries because I just love that ! I also use agile development in my development and team management processes. All that makes me very versatile with good technical knowledge and a deep love of good work and sharing :-)
With Eddy, we run the WordPress Meetup group of Aix-en-Provence and we co-organized the first WordCamp Marseille in September 2017 and now we embark on a new adventure with WP Tech 2018 !

François De Cambourg

Print communication

I have developed custom WordPress themes for Expertime since 2016, after working independantly first.
I accidentally fell in love with WordPress 8 years ago, when I was working as a designer in an agency. Ever since, I have been passionate about this wonderful tool, its ecosystem and its community.

Simon Janin


WordPress designer and developer, technical project manager at Cmantika.
I have worked on the web for 7 years : I've worked at an agency, I've co-ran Velvet Cocoon, co-founded the Wordpress community in Nantes, and I've also taught WordPress and web development at Stereolux and in the LĂ©onard de Vinci high school in Montaigu.

Vincent Dubroeucq


WordPress designer and freelance developer.
I'm a drummer, a blogger, and a former English teacher.
I've worked with WordPress since 2013 and I develop custom themes and plugins for the repo and for clients. And occasionally for myself !

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